Sunday, 30 September 2012



Carrying on from the Storytelling work done with Asylum Seekers in London and the "Untouchable" Communities in India, I use the same techniques to create a safe, supportive and encouraging environment in which people can express themselves.

Through a series of exercises an atmosphere of trust and relaxation is created. The imagination cannot function if it feels unsafe or threatened! Once this has been established, we begin to connect and communicate with others through  simple everyday experiences. For example, we might tell our neighbour about some positive episode, or experience, we have had. This develops into sharing it with three or four other people. No one is put on the spot to have to communicate when they're not ready to.

 We move on to picking a story we remember from childhood. Something very simple, often these can be fairy stories of folk tales such as "Little Red Riding Hood". These remembered stories are storyboarded (drawn on a piece of paper). The idea here is that the story is committed to Images and not words. We then do work embodying these images, making them our own. Again, one is taken through a process of how to do this. In the oral tradition stories are remembered not by the words used but by the images (pictures) they convey.

A Storytelling Session: We sit in a circle and tell each other our stories. At no point is one asked to do anything that they are not comfortable with. The Storytelling Sessions are usually great fun, and often very moving.

(commencing Thursday 2nd May 2013)

Cost:  £8 per class (concession£5)

Highgate Newtown Community Centre, 25,Bertram StreetLondon N19 5DQ (Archway Tube 15 mins) Buses C11 or 4.
 Tel      020-7428-9987


  1. "What a lovely day it was ,spent at your workshop.
    Creative ,inspirational and fun.
    Thank you x" APB North London 17/11/12

    "Very nice to meet you today. You facilitated a very insightful day, Thank you". SB North London 17/11/12

  2. What a pleasure Tara's Story Telling Workshop was today
    It was creative ,inspiring and a lot of fun.
    If you didn't manage to go this time you missed something special and I really recommend the next one.
    AL London 17/11/12